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Getting into Mind of the Customer

Onfolio is a new .NET applications that works with Internet Explorer to help you save and organize information that you find online. One user called it "bookmarks on steroids". It's certainly a great application and one which will most likely do well.

More important from our standpoint, however, its a great marketing challenge. How do you convince people that they should spend $29.95 for a product that they have never heard of or experienced? A product that is fairly straightforward, but which the average Web surfer might have trouble understanding?

The marketing people at Ofolio obviously have a great sense of this potential customer base, their concerns and how to address them. Aside from the de rigueur Flash demo, they have created a set of clear and interesting "usage scenarios" which do a fantastic job of both explaining what the product can do and at the same time, getting users excited about the possibilities.

This is a truly great example of a company getting into the mind of the customer. The company obviously knows that they have a great product (and that everybody should run out and buy it immediately) the challenge is how to get beyond this mindset and make others see it. Ofolio has done a terrific job at this.

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