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Youth Volvo

I was walking to the office from a meeting this afternoon and I saw a group of the new Volvo S40s near Astor Place. They were there on the last stop of a nation-wide tour to promote the new line and its wagon cousin the V50. Needless to say I stopped to talk with one of the drivers and to hear a little about the new line.

Volvo is doing some really interesting stuff from a marketing perspective. In fact, it seems like most car companies have put some more fuel in their marketing tanks recently. Obviously these new cars are an effort to get away from the safety conscious soccer mom crowd which has traditionally been drawn to the brand and to get some of the spendy Gen X/Y crowd. The ads -- subtly co-marketed with Xbox -- are probably a little too young and too rough for this crowd, but they are an intriguing departure.

Auto show next weekend. Look for many automotive posts and pictures.

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